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There’s no reason to fear, you are not alone! UCSD SOM does a great job ensuring that you learn what you’re supposed to. We have PhDs hired to tutor us just for this reason. Our professional tutorial office, OESS (Office of Educational Support and Services), is available for us if we have any questions about anything we’re learning. OESS staff attend our lectures and then hold office hours every week. They truly are an awesome resource for us. Some of us go every week to check to see if we really know the material, some of us go only after certain lectures that make our heads explode, and some of us don’t go at all. Regardless of how much you end up using their 1 on 1 tutoring help, it is nice to know that we have the opportunity to receive free tutoring from very qualified individuals. On top of their office hours, they hold weekly review sessions every Friday just in case we didn’t understand something the first time during lecture. Some of these sessions are so good that some people go to them rather than certain lectures themselves!

Steve Schneid, the Director of Educational Development and Scholarship made a video to talk more about OESS and the Core Topics in Biomedical Sciences (CTBS) Summer Pre-matriculation Program! Enjoy!
For more information, visit the UCSD School of Medicine website here:
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