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CTBS is designed for incoming medical students that have taken time off prior to starting medical school or students that majored in non-science subjects during undergrad.


This program is great for students who want to brush up on their sciences after being away from it for years. However, if you have taken time off from school, it is not a requirement that you take the CTBS course. There are plenty of students every year that have been out of school for a long time that choose to spend their summer prior to starting med school by traveling or working or just getting adjusted to San Diego. For students that do end up taking the course, they find that a lot of the material they covered over the summer returns during the year. Their transition to the rigors of medical school is slightly less difficult. Many of the students who take CTBS are great resources for "study tips" and difficult concepts as they have an early introduction to the material. 

If you'd like to learn more about the specifics of the CTBS Program, please visit the UCSD School of Medicine page:

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