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UCSD SOM shares graduate housing will all other graduate programs of the school. While we have a separate "Housing Waitlist," there are still a lot of students who need cheap housing to live. If you have not already, use the link below to get your name on the waitlist! You do not need to be certain that you'll attend UCSD SOM-- there is no deposit for the waitlist so make sure to add yourself in case you decide to come here. Don't worry about the specifics of your preferences too much, you can change them up until May without interfering with your "spot" on the waitlist. 

While the majority of students who want on-campus housing get it, the system is not perfect. Some students will have to live off campus, either temporarily, or for the duration of the school year depending on leases and availability. In the following pages, we hope to provide some guidance on your options to help you find a place that feels like home! You will also get more information about housing during second look to ask any lingering questions we do not address here. 

Click the arrows below for more information on housing: 

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