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Historically, nearly all students live off-campus during the third and fourth (clinical) years of medical school, and only a few students live off-campus during the first and second years. However, given potential changes in rent at the grad housing complex, living off campus may become more affordable for many students. Based on the experience of our classmates, we would recommend living in La Jolla or within commuting distance for at least the first two years, as living close to campus has several advantages at least during the time that we are required to be on campus for class almost every day. Parking on campus can be difficult (and expensive), but not impossible if you need to commute from outside of La Jolla. More information about parking and transportation can be found on the Parking/Transportation page on this website (under Campus Life.)

Most students who don't live in La Jolla live in Hillcrest, North Park, Little Italy, Bird Rock, or Pacific Beach. These bustling neighborhoods are close to a lot of bars and restaurants, and are very fun to live in and visit.  A lot of our students who live on campus take study breaks or enjoy the coffee shops in these areas so you might even be closer to the action if you live there! 

Pros: AMAZING food, lively cultural atmosphere, fun bars/ breweries 

Cons: farther away from campus (15-20minutes), traffic/ commute to school

Below are some links to resources for looking at off-campus housing: 

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