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For the folks living in the on-campus communities, walking to school is definitely an option: 15 minutes or so to get to class, faster if you bike! However, to get around town to your Ambulatory Care Apprenticeship, Free Clinic, and of course, the beach, we do recommend having a car. For folks parking on campus for class, you will likely need to buy a parking pass- which means biting the $900+/year bullet to park in the Gilman Parking Structure near the med school. 


For all your other parking questions, visit here:

Driving Alternatives: 

If a car isn't in the cards for you, we do have a close-knit Facebook group on which people will post their availability to provide rides to Free Clinic and other off-campus activities. People do find their way around one way or another, even without a car! Below are some options for getting around campus/San Diego without a car: 

UCSD Shuttles 

Shuttles are infamously variable in timing and space available, but they do loop around virtually all of La Jolla. Please visit the UCSD parking and transportation site for details on shuttle passes and available loops, including the Mesa Nueva loop: 

Rental Scooters & Bikes

There are rental scooters and bikes (think Bird, Lime, etc.) around grad housing and the med school campus. 


City Buses  

UCSD provides us with a transit pass to use San Diego's city buses (via MTS). There are several routes that take you to campus and around La Jolla. 

Trolley System

UCSD also provides a trolley pass that can take you to downtown, the border, east San Diego, and more!

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