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Med school can sometimes look like this: study -> eat -> sleep -> repeat. Luckily, UCSD has some fantastic food to fuel your fire, and if your inclinations take you elsewhere, San Diego supplies!


Club Med: the SOM's mascot cafe, Club Med serves up breakfast and lunch with a healthy dose of caffeinated beverages to wash it all down; from a pre-lecture breakfast burrito to health-promoting lunch salads, Club Med's got your back!


Close to the Med School (<10 min walk)

Price Center: If you're in the mood to watch the undergrad world go by and reflect on times past, PC is the heart of UCSD's greater campus. Enjoy coffee from Starbucks, sandwiches from Subway, burritos from Rubio's, the most superb rice plates from Lemongrass, or some Cali-Greek cuisine from Santorini Grill. Boba tea lovers from all reaches of campus converge nearly 24/7 at Tapioca Express (Tap-Ex).


UCSD Study Spots

The newly-rebranded Medical Education and Telemedicine (MET) pumps the lifeblood of the UCSD SOM. You'll spend most of your study grind here—or none of it! Therein lies the beauty of UCSD; should you so choose, the glass-draped small conference rooms of our ultra-modern home base provide a sun-drenched spot within which you can lose yourself to Cardio, Pulm, and Renal.

Outside MET are lovely picnic tables and a large grassy area-- great outdoor places to catch some study time in between classes. You can also walk over to the Price Center where there are more picnic tables and outdoor study spaces. Grad housing has plenty of indoor and outdoor study spaces (study lounges, fire pits, picnic tables, and hammocks). 


If wide-open fields of desks filled with fellow soldiers of academia are your jam, the Biomedical Library fortifies the west side of our SOM. Every paper, media, and online resource you need is here—particularly in the exclusive and cozy Grad Student Lounge—and with the support and oversight of personable librarians who navigate the forests of knowledge more deftly than John Muir, you will surely leave this building with no fact unlearned.

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